About Zeb

Zeb began working out with weights and educating himself on health and fitness when he was just 12 years old. Those early seeds blossomed into a passion for fitness and the fire to stay fit and healthy has continued with Zeb for more than three decades since. Zeb’s education, personal experience and research as a personal trainer has fueled Zeb’s desire to make a difference for as many people as possible. Zeb has created a variety of programs to the help people maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Zeb has experienced the personal challenges of recovering from major back surgery and having to create a new 100% for himself to maintain an active and fit lifestyle he has always desired.  Throughout it all, Zeb has continued to read and research the latest literature on health, fitness, and nutrition, to ensure the most effective training and diet for the changing needs of society. 

Zeb also focuses on the most difficult challenge for people “MENTAL”. When you talk with Zeb about your own personal training and fitness goals, you will immediately see the passion, experience, and knowledge, that makes him so effective as a trainer.

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